Mackenzi loves talking to people. Especially young people. Since that's who she writes for. 

She is available for in-person school, book club, or library visits, and Skype visits.

Some things she likes to talk about: 

  • Frankenstein and Mary Shelley: While writing THIS MONSTROUS THING, Mackenzi did extensive research on Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, and Gothic horror. She would love to speak to your students about Frankenstein, the process of reimaging it, and the exciting lives of Mary Shelley and the Romantics. She is kind of a big nerd about all these things. 
  • History and historical fiction: From working as a Civil War-era blacksmith, to studying history at university, to writing historical fiction for teens, Mackenzi has a unique perspective on bringing history to life. She would love to prove to your students that history is not boring.  
  • Writing and the creative process: As a former creative writing teacher, Mackenzi loves talking about writing. Mostly because she loves it so much. Through a short workshop-style presentation, she will talk about her own writing process, give advice on stimulating individual work, and lead activities to get the creative juices flowing. 

Mackenzi would love to come speak to you. She might even bring her mechanical arm. 

To enquire about a booking, please email